About Digital Delta

Digital Delta and the Youth Wellness Funding Landscape was created by a group of diverse stakeholders that are committed to building inclusive economies for all. These stakeholders are made up of funders, healthcare professionals, technologists, researchers, and youth. Digital Delta is managed by Headstream and powered by SecondMuse.

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Understanding Digital Delta

What is Digital Delta?

Digital Delta is a free, crowdsourced research tool that identifies the most fundamental contributors to adolescent wellbeing in digital spaces.

Who built Digital Delta?

Digital Delta was built by Headstream, an innovation program focused on building positive digital places for young people, especially for underserved or higher risk communities including BIPOC, and LGBTQIIA+ teens, and teen girls.

How did we collect Digital Delta data?

We used a public crowdsourcing tool to determine key factors that impact adolescent's digital wellbeing. By surveying an inclusive sample of adolescents and adults – 54% from BIPOC communities — we learned where to focus our efforts in order to point towards the transformations they want to experience through digital technology.

How can I utilize Digital Delta?

We hope these findings will give you a better understanding of the factors that impact youth wellbeing most profoundly. Our goal is to inspire you to look critically at the opportunities you have to advance the health and safety of youth — whether that's through designing, investing, driving community collective action, or simply sharing our findings with your network. We share some ways to get involved in the Why this Matters section.

How were the catalytic factors determined?

In order to determine the criteria for a catalytic factor, we ran a number of sampling methods 1000 times to find which of the factors were in the top 75%percentile with the highest catalytic score every time. Being a catalytic factor says nothing about the factor's importance to the rest of the system or about its potential market size. However, it does show that it has the highest potential to help us reach our transformational goal: making digital experiences healthier and more beautiful for young people.